LC and Cheeks Plus Size Community

Over the years, we have built a community of likely minded people and fashion enthusiasts, who share passion for what they do and love to share their stories to inspire, motivate others and make people happy.

Team LC and Cheeks is the reflection of the brands’ soul and culture – we are very vibrant, open and kind. It’s our priority to ensure that the conditions of the work and wages are appropriate for all the staff members and the working conditions are favourable as well as comfortable. Charity they say begins at home so at LC and Cheeks, our community starts with us.

We endeavour to encourage, develop and educate our workers to achieve higher goals.

Everyday, in every post, and in every piece of collection we think about our community and the lives we impact positively. Hence our message and content relay positive energy, confidence and knowledge with the sole purpose of inspiring, motivating and promoting happiness. “



Bring women from all over the globe in a digital space as well as local community in offline space together: to learn, to explore, to laugh, to share experience and knowledge and to raise money for educational projects in Nigeria