LC and Cheeks Plus Size Community

LC and Cheeks is a fashion and lifestyle store in Lagos Nigeria designed to cater to full figured women. 

We recognize that plus size women find it difficult to get options in their sizes creating a void in the local market and interestingly, the same problem exists in the diaspora. This is the reason why we made the decision to niche our brand. 

Mission : To promote positivity and inspire women for self-love and confidence through affordable fashion. 

 Vision: Africa’s foremost female owned globally recognized plus size fashion hub, creating a happy and safe space for women across the globe.

We are all about inclusivity and making women feel special regardless of shape or size. We now produce a good number of our clothing locally and our collection is a good mix of formal clothing and everyday fashion. 

Our Core Values are integrity, Inclusivity & empathy. At LC and Cheeks, we are very passionate about service and excellence.